Navigating the Site

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Navigating the Site

Postby KarenAGravely » Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:36 pm

To print out this information:
    - Click on the printer symbol on the top right of screen
    - Click on File/Print at top left side of screen
    - Hit the back arrow when printing completes
Navigating the Site:
After receiving notification of authentication, follow link to enter site. Be advised there is a small delay before you are directed to page that contains six Forums and Message Board support.
Note: The most important task is to become familiar with the various screens of the site - take time to look at each before clicking.

Notice the various items at first screen:
On left side of Screen about a third down click on "User Settings & Messages." Note various blocks horizontally across the left side of page:
    1. Overview
    2. Profile
    3. Board Preferences
    4. Private Messages
    5. Usergroups
    6. Friends & Foes
Click on each of 6 blocks and notice vertical option blocks on left side of screen for each. For "Board Preferences," it may be wise to click on "Edit your global settings" to see if anything needs to be changed.

On upper right side of screen, click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to see what instructions are available for most issues on the site.

Again on upper right side of screen, click on "Members" to see list of members. Note you need to go to bottom right of screen to click 2 (maybe 3,4 etc.) to be paged forward to see complete list of retirees who are members on the site. You can click on the person's name to:
    1. Send private message to member (left bottom of screen)
    2. Check member's posting activity (right bottom of screen)
Click "Home" (located on both left top of page and left bottom of page)

As noted at beginning of these notes, there are 6 Forums on the web site. On right side of each Forum is an indication of who last posted something and when:
    1. General Discussion
    2. Michelin & Industry News
    3. Benefits
    4. Illnesses and Deaths
    5. Meet and Greet
    6. Retiree Activities

Click on Forum "Meet and Greet" to see/read who has already created story. Each Item under the Forum is considered a Topic. Under "Meet and Greet," click the NEWTOPIC block (left side of screen) and input your own "story." Note ability to upload photos at
bottom of topic.
If you hit Save, the information will be kept as a "draft." When you hit Save, you will get another screen to confirm. Hit yes. If you click Submit, the information is posted on the site.
To get back to a topic created in draft form, click on "User Settings & Messages" (left side of screen towards top) where you will be directed immediately to "Overview." Click on "Manage drafts" (left side of screen) and click "Load draft" underneath the draft
title to be able to edit the information.

Remember you can always hit "Home" to start again.

NOTE: If you click Function Key 5 (F5) on your keyboard from time to time, this action will refresh the screen to allow you to see who actually is online (bottom of screen, left side, when hit Home) - WHO IS ONLINE.

To learn more about navigating a site similar to this one:
Note: You also can do a right click of your mouse on this link and hit "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open in New Window"to maintain this web page and view the phpbb site
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